100 wc week #29

The Science Experiment Tragedy
 Liquid and powder poured everywhere on the kitchen table while I mix different combinations together for my science experiment. As I  raced up the stairs to grab my science binder, I saw my grandmother wondering around in the kitchen. Suddenly, her eyes landed on my science experiment which she closely examaled. "No, don't drink that!" I shouted frantically. But it was already to late, she drank all of the liquid in the glass and then instantly, her hair turned to misty crimson colour and then she fell on the ground. A couple of weeks later she was buried and she ended up in her grave.

100 wc week #27

The Ferocious Rattlesnake

 Chilly air brushed passed me as I stumbled through a massive crowd into the wild forest. I gripped the apples tighter my hands as the cops chased me into the streets of Australia. Although they ran quickly, they were not making enough progress to capture, me. Heading for the woods, I climbed up a tall Oak Tree and hid in the flocculent, delicatle branches until they dashed past me, faster then ever.  As I made my way down, I heard a strange slithering sound around me. I gasped as I discovered that there was a feroious Rattlesnake behind me, and right there at that moment, I knew I was dead.

100 wc week #22

The Manipulate Statue 
Expeditiously and quietly, I grabbed the ice cold medal bars of a extraordinary long ladder and softly flew down the steps. I will be safe down here from the poilce officers, I thought as I clutched the mysterious, cream-white statue of a eminently small goldfish. I stole the statue from a nearby museum as Cleo asked, in return for my father. Mud brown water from the sewers, slowly drifted down the drainpipe as I thought of where Cleo Knight abducted my father. Suddenly, in the corner of my eye, I saw a dark shadow of a man with tight chains around his arm moving  towards me . . . . .

100 wc week # 21

The Magic Seeds
My grandmother has a really green thump and loves to grow things, so before she died, she gave me these lush, aquamarine seeds that gave a luminous sparkle when I held it up to the sun. She told me to plant them on March twenty-first in the garden and then someting magical will happen. I did as she told and on March twenty- first, I sprinted to the graden and planted the seeds one by one. Right when the seeds brushed the ground, I saw many trees sprouting and they moved towards me, I saw many of my ancestors in tree form who died and one was my grandmother . . . . .

100 wc week #19

The Creepy doll
  Lightning thunder outside my room which made shadows dance on the walls. I shivered and pulled  my blanket over my head. Ever since my family moved here I always felt like this place was haunted because it's antique and filthy with cobwebs everywhere. Spiders surrounding the our bedrooms and the rats, they were worse, one time I saw a rat climbed up the roof and it came down the drain pipe. Another tremendous bolt of lightning thunder outside. Suddenly, I heard a ear-splitting creaking sound coming from my door and that's then I saw a doll with blood red eyes, holding a heavy, iron knife.

100 wc week #17

A New Species On Mars
 Chilly air pricked my back as I cycled on a rover on Mars. We have twenty minutes to explore mars before we go, so I brought a watch with me to tell time. Suddenly, I saw ferocious blood red snake hiding behind a rough rock. As I got off the rover to get a better look, it plunges ready to attack. Petrified, I started backwards but tripped over a rock. Getting up, I glanced at the clock on my now, shattered watch which said I have been here for thirty-five minutes! Running to my rover in the distance, I saw a scylla wet of a spaceship leaving Mars . . . . .

100 wc week #14

My Fantastic Idea
 English class was my least favorite class because we had to write a lot of essays.This time our topic was about motion, which was so boring. It was due tomorrow and I have no idea what to write about. Glancing at our Monkey cage, I hurried to fed him, and that's when it hit me, Monkeys are intelligent, what if he could do my homework so I couldn't have to do it after dinner. Dashing to my room, I grabbed my laptop and pushed it towards the monkey. But he just yanked the laptop and pushes it off the table. I guess Monkeys are not capable with homework.